Now the image is not just appearance, clothes, hair and makeup, but also the manner of communication, voice and gestures. This is the role that we play for others. It is important that this role is consistent with the real, inner "I", then the image will be created easily, and will not be a burden. Those who like "playing someone else's role", one can see that discrepancy and will not allow to create an appropriate image, as if people tried.

The appearance reflects the inner state of a person. Long been known for wardrobe renewal, or change of hairstyles is the best way to start a new life, well rescues from depression. Thus, the image is the attitude of the person, its positioning in society.

The same style applies more to clothes. Stylish dresses are not just expensive and tasteful, he carefully picks up any little thing, even down to the buttons on his shirt or handkerchief in the pocket.

All people, without exception, want to look stylish, but not all succeed. To look stylish is not enough to know the basics of style, you need to have a sense of beauty, intuitive feel of what is suitable and what is not. The style of each individual. You can't just copy someone else's closet, and expect all these things you perfect. Style and image are inseparable. It is important to find something that fits your inner self, and to emphasize this with the clothing and accessories.

Pay attention to the little things in your wardrobe. Bracelets, watch, umbrella, jewellery - these things are often chosen spontaneously, just because it wanted. They more accurately characterize the true desire of man. Relying on them, you'll find a unique suitable just you style and image.