Conditional Japan can be divided into four climatic regions:

1. South side of the Ryukyu archipelago has a tropical climate;

2. The North side of the Ryukyu and Kyushu is subtropical climate;

3. The island of Hokkaido, is in the region of frigid temperatures, a cool summer and cold winter;

4. The island of Honshu has warm temperate zone, due to the mountains, which block the seasonal winds.

Japan can be proud of their national cuisine. Preference of natural products, unusual and beautiful presentation of dishes, using seafood, table etiquette is one of the main attractions of cooking. The Japanese treat food philosophically. Food should be healthy - the basic rule of Japanese chefs. This is the reason for high life expectancy in the country.

It has a large number of locks. The castle of the matsu - third of the highest, the second largest and the sixth in the list of most ancient castles in the world. Shuri castle, appeared in the 15th century for the rulers of the Ryukyu. Once in the castle, feel the past in Japan. Plenty of other castles to visit across the country.

Also not to mention the museums of this country. International manga Museum is famous for its collection of Japanese comic books popular around the world. Hayao Miyazaki (the famous Director - animator) in 1985 founded the Ghibli Museum, the largest animation Studio, the best place for fans of the anime. The main futuristic creations of the Japanese people are in the Museum of science and innovation Miraikan. Museums in Japan reveal almost all of its history.

The volcano mount Fuji, or Fujiyama, is known worldwide. The highest point in Japan - 3776 m. the Last eruption occurred in 1707. Most tourists come with the intention to conquer this weak active volcano, many Japanese people have the same desire. In Japan, this mountain is considered sacred. It is the object of Buddhism. Popular in Japanese art, the main attraction in the country.

The cherry blossoms in the spring, many temples and beautiful parks, the latest technology and more reason to visit Japan.