Fasting and diet – are completely different things. The purpose of fasting is spiritual purification. The goal of the diet is bringing the body in order: cleansing, weight, nutrition in diseases. Have to say, though, that when medical diet about any post out of the question. You need to eat for the scheme, which has been prescribed by a doctor.

If you just want to lose weight, you can begin to fast, however please note that not all products contribute to this. During lent the emphasis in nutrition is on vegetables and fruits. However, their eating can cause the reverse process. Some vegetables rich in carbohydrates and excessive consumption can improve blood sugar levels. Rich in carbohydrates potatoes, carrots, beets. Among fruits avoid grapes, pineapple, any dried fruit.

With care it is necessary to use nuts that are rich not only in protein. Yes and replace the meat products legumes (as is done during lent) when diet is not the best option. But grains can be consumed without restrictions – oatmeal, buckwheat, wild rice, couscous, bulgur. Eliminate pasta and white rice.

Fatigue, drowsiness, General feeling unwell – signs that with strict dietary restrictions must be ended. The believers with the blessing of the priest can finish the post before or even get rid of it.