Try as often as possible to get some fresh air. Follow the figure. Work on yourself. If possible, sign up for a program.

Don't forget about the experiments in clothing. Try to frequently buy new clothes. Your image needs to be somewhat sexy. But the vulgarity is not valid.

Follow the purity of their outfits. Promptly repair them. If you have washed the product, it should be discarded.

When choosing the style, do not imitate others. You have to be unique. Pay attention to your gait. Select comfortable shoes. Psychologists recommend ladies to wear under outfits elegant underwear. This gives confidence.

Consume food with appetite. It's not about what you have to overeat. However, to replace a meal with a lettuce leaf also should not be. If you for any reason are forced to sit on a diet, you should not "grieve" in case of failure.

Forget about the harmful habits. This refers to the abuse of alcohol, Smoking, and coffee consumption in too big quantities. Naturally, if you are celebrating a festival, we can enjoy a glass of wine.

Take seriously the choice of hairstyle. When going to the office, the hair it is best to tie in a bun. If you're used to paint them, keep your color.

Use decorative cosmetics to the minimum. From time to time podpravlyaya makeup.

Don't forget to take care of the hands. Lubricate them with cream. Even if you have short nails, you still it is desirable to apply a lacquer.

Stick to the routine. Promptly lie down and get up. Drink sufficient amounts of clean water. Then you stabiliziruemost metabolism. You will feel much better. Don't forget every few months to visit the gynecologist and dentist.

Pick up traditional medicines, which improves health with migraines and painful menstruation.