We must pay tribute to fashion designers who was able to see in a small piece of plaid fabric, variety of colors, giving the kilt a second life.

What do we offer the fashion world? First of all, a wide selection of fabrics and their prints from light to wool, from large and small figure. Classic colors - red tones are still relevant. When choosing fabrics keep in mind the age category. Short skirts pleated or pleated in bright colors plaid is more suitable for young fashionistas with slim legs. They can experiment with the big picture.

But note, the tartan itself is a bright element in your image. You can Supplement it without disturbing the harmony, solid blazer, Golf, long sleeve blouse. In colder weather, tights, beret, fitted jacket, shoes to go low will be a great addition.

Pencil skirt, a sheath skirt or a-line skirt is a great choice for everyone. The question of length and color. Young girls can stay in the above-knee length. The girls with thin thighs, you should pay attention to the Tulip skirt. Well, the Mature women should choose a classic below the knee length with prints in muted tones of beige, brown, Burgundy. Plain blouse, sheer tights and stilettos will add to your image of elegance.

As for the beloved skirts in crease – it is always in trend. Most importantly, choose the right length and style.

For slender tall girls fashion world offers and long flared skirt options, including elements of asymmetry. Complement your look heels, crew-neck top or plunging neckline.

If you had not recommended the combination of two prints in the cage, now this combination is welcome. The main thing that colors were in harmony with each other. And the combination of plaid with a floral print adds romance to your image.

Today skirt tartan has become an integral element of the classical, romantic and the business styles is gaining new horizons of the fashion world, never ceasing to surprise with the variety of combinations of shapes and prints. Which of them to choose – you decide.