You call your mom every day

It depends on why you need to look for it. Most likely, you don't often have to deal with constructive technical things, like what to do with a broken siphon and to those who will call a plumber. If you are discussing with my mother every detail of your life, thus, effectively building a Foundation for the nickname "sissy".

Do you take mom more than once a year on a vacation lasting longer than a week?

Of course, there is nothing wrong to pamper mom time, and allow her to keep you company. Also there is nothing wrong when you stay with it gives you pleasure and you look forward to it. But as soon as you start to replace your partner's mom or mom's prefer the company of their significant other, it's time to see a therapist.

Whenever you go shopping, you buy mom a gift?

In fact, you buy something mom always, or almost always when shopping? And the term "Oedipus complex" tells you about anything? Your partner will probably agree that your mother fits a diamond ring, but in a normal relationship, you don't have to be the one she will be his to give.

You went with mom to the sauna?

Unfortunately, such a perverted practice, there is no adequate justification. However, try to talk about this with your psychologist might be able to convince him...