Dry shade

In turn, are divided into the following subtypes:

- extruded – the most common form, is a densely compressed compact powder;

- baked characterized in that are made under high temperatures, thus have the most saturated colors, often with glitter and much longer hold the eyelids; both are applied using a conventional applicator;

- crumbly – colored powder in a jar, bright colors, with glitter and sequins, have a long shelf life;

Liquid shadows

A great advantage of this species is unmatched durability. They are easily and quickly applied, dries instantly (due to the content in water-based or alcohol), allowing you to create striking night images. But there are also disadvantages. For daytime makeup liquid shadows will not work for the following reason. They are absolutely not amenable to shading, because dry quickly. In addition, create the skin thin film, which dries and tightens the eyelid. It is best to use cosmetics for oily skin type. In addition, you need to get used to applying it with lightning speed, otherwise the coating will be uneven.


The most simple and quick to apply. They are perfect for daily makeup. Great shade, allowing you to adjust the intensity of colors and almost does not crumble even in the heat. Durability they ensure the correct application: skin must be clean, and after a few seconds you should hold your eyes closed until completely dry makeup. Applied with a soft brush and used very sparingly.


Similar to regular eyeliner, but much thicker and with a softer lead. Quickly and conveniently applied, but for this you have to sacrifice durability. Besides all eyelid better these shadows do not apply. The best option will be summarizing the upper and lower eyelids with subsequent feathering.

Cream eyeshadow

Something between dry and liquid types. Usually produced on a wax-or oil-based, which ensures comfortable application, as well as brightness and saturation. Unfortunately, they do not want to use in the hot season, as they have the unpleasant property of flow. For this reason, not recommended for oily skin. It is best to use in winter, in addition to decorative effect, they create additional protection. Apply these shadows on an ad hoc basis with a soft brush made of natural hair.