1. Excessive alcohol consumption

Alcohol abuse does not spare our skin and all other organs because it dehydrates the human body. The skin looks lifeless, the face formed the red spots, appear mesh of blood vessels. All this really spoils the appearance of people prone to alcohol abuse. To prevent such unpleasant changes in appearance, limit your consumption of alcoholic beverages.

You can resort to the help of modern tools that rejuvenate and enrich the skin, but it stays only on the outside and the effect of such procedures is not always long. Isn't it easier to try to maintain the natural beauty and naturalness? Also to maintain their health.

2. Smoking

Smoking and alcohol not only causes severe complications and health problems but also spoils our skin. Nicotine causes constriction of blood vessels and because of this skin layer are not saturated with oxygen. As a result, skin looks far better, becomes pale and ugly.

Cigarette Smoking spoils the skin. But with a strong desire, you will be able to quit this addiction and thus preserve the beauty and youth.

3. Don't touch face with hands

Why not just contact our hands throughout the day. We're taking the money, touching dirty surfaces, on hands accumulates huge quantity of microbes. Just imagine all those bacteria will go to your face at contact. If you have the habit of touching your face with your hands, then you provoke the appearance on the surface of the skin of pimples, blackheads, acne and various rashes.

Control yourself, try to touch the face and wash your hands or wipe them with antibacterial wipes.

4. Hot water

Hot water damages the skin and makes it dry, washing away her natural oils. When you take a bath shower or just wash my face, avoid hot water. So you will avoid premature aging of your skin.

5. Lack of humidity

Correctly select the creams and masks for face, as they must be suitable for your skin type. Every day your skin requires care and attention. Moisten it and feed it with oils. If you use cosmetics, do not forget each night before bed to remove makeup.