Traditional medicine considers garlic to the universal plants. It is possible to RUB them temples and forehead in headache. And when a sore throat, they can RUB the neck. Garlic is even possible to eliminate corn. For this plant mixed with ground to a powder with chalk and applied to the blisters.

Toothache can also be treated with garlic. For this purpose, use roasted garlic, which should be placed on the aching tooth. Also use boiled garlic combined with pure tar and vodka. It is believed that this infusion also helps to eliminate tooth pain.

Very good garlic treated sores and shingles. In some cases, you can use a compress of crushed fresh garlic cloves. In other made a special ointment. Prescription ointments are very simple: take equal proportions of onion and garlic, add the honey, salt and pepper. The resulting mixture was thoroughly grind and smear diseased skin.

In recent years, many people suffer from high blood pressure. This will also help to handle the garlic. Just need to consumed daily for 2 cloves of garlic. But there is another way – alcohol infusion. To prepare necessary to grind raw garlic and pour it with vodka, and then give a little infusions. The resulting infusion store in a dark cool place and consume before meal on a teaspoon.

But the most famous medical function of garlic – anti-inflammatory. Garlic has been and remains an indispensable tool for colds. There are many different recipes. For example, made a decoction of garlic with honey (milk) or the garlic tincture in vodka with Kalina. Severe coughing can also be rubbed with garlic feet and the body of the patient.

Scientists have proved that the volatile garlic kill the bacteria of typhoid, diphtheria Bacillus, cholera Vibrio and inhibit the growth of Koch's Bacillus (Mycobacterium tuberculosis). Garlic also prevents cancer cells from growing. Therefore, the rational basis of the use of this plant in folk medicine is quite obvious.