Pine buds are a young shoots, also called bits, consisting of one major (to 4 cm) Central Bud and the surrounding several small buds. They are pinkish-brown color and covered with arranged in a spiral hooked scales connected between a secreted tree resin.

Collect pine buds early in the spring when they are swollen, and especially not bloomed. By the time of this February-March. When zagotavlivali you need to cut the crown a well-sharpened knife together with a small part of the branch. To finish the collection process is recommended after Bud break, evidence of which is slight greening of their tops. After collecting the raw material must be dried, spreading a loose layer. The room should be with good natural ventilation, and the temperatures of air in it, even in the warmest days, should not rise to high. Otherwise, the crowns will begin to bloom.

Birch buds from a pine different. Shape they are oblong-conical, pointed at the top, and the entire surface is painted in dark brown or brown color. Start to harvest them in the stage of swelling, and terminate with the onset of the blooming period. Temporary standards is March days. Branches with buds are cut off with a sharp knife, then gather into small bouquets, which are then dried in the same way as pine buds. After drying the sprigs carefully threshed, clean from various debris and store in a dry place, after placing in a suitable storage container.