All intuitively understand that certain skills are developed very easily and quickly by following a clear and strict plan, and only a small percentage of people start to use it. The remaining, far more numerous mass of people prefers to go with the flow" in life, explaining their failures because they are too impatient, lazy and so on.

No wonder they say that the reluctance of the thousands of excuses, and desires are a thousand possibilities. And just need to set a goal and start moving, using the discipline in this way. Let it be small steps, but over and over again you will begin to achieve results, because everything great started small.

Discipline determines what decision you will take in each moment in everyday life. Will you do the exercises or you gonna lie there in bed? Read an interesting book or watch a reality show? Eat a salad tonight or will arrange a holiday belly, stuffed it with sweets – all these solutions will bring huge changes in the long term.

Also very important not to confuse the term "discipline" with what many understand as a limitation. To be disciplined means to act according to plan, consciously choosing your steps in a particular direction. All this in order to achieve its goals. Begin to act as soon as possible and let the dream will become a reality!