Make a clear distinction of all the stages of the lesson. Select the organizational point verbalize to students the goals and objectives of the lesson. A clear phasing time for the lesson stimulates students to a more responsible approach to the learning process.
Diversify the methods and media of instruction at the lesson. The more interesting the lesson, the less time is left for the students for foreign studies. An effective way of organizing productive educational activities is a collective creative work. Try to include absolutely all students in the lesson, do not limit yourself to socializing only with strong students.
Respect the child's personality. Do not allow derogatory words and actions towards the weak students. Your task is to see the person in each student, even if he is an inveterate bully and losers. Such children are, as a rule, feeling that they are treated with respect, try to meet the expectations of the teacher and behave well.
Your actions as a teacher should have a clear focus and to carry meaning. If students notice that you do not know what to do next or what to do in the classroom, discipline will be lost. Therefore need a clear lesson plan.
If the lesson is suddenly disturbed if they interfere with you to lead a lesson, never go on an explanation for the noise and cry. Stop, shut up, sit down, look closely at the children. Wait pause. When in the class there will be silence, calm tone explain that you will lead a lesson on, until order. As a rule, it works.
Make it a tradition to assign grades for behavior after each lesson, maintain communication with parents of students put in fame to the school governors, if you can't control the behavior of the students.
In elementary school, well, there are different gaming system of punishment: a system of fines, issuing of red cards, hall of shame etc. of Course, you can put in the magazine of the two, but this is unlikely to permanently solve the problem of discipline. You need to look for different methods, approaches, ways to increase the level of interest students in the learning process.