The habit of idleness and lack of willpower. It is much easier to portray employment or come up with a headache and to postpone the decision of important issues. If you are lazy, try a simple and interesting technique that will help to overcome your own laziness.

In the fight against laziness we are trying to change himself in all, we would be in a jiffy industrious and a good homemaker. But we can succeed only by making consistent, regular and small steps. After all, to solve a simple task much easier than dealing with global problems.

Make it a habit to give exactly one minute to any particular thing and to do it at the same time. For example, take on learning a foreign language exactly one minute. Even bad lazy can convince yourself for a minute to do what she doesn't like. In addition, you will receive a positive charge from the fact that you managed to cope with the goal. You have self-esteem, and you can consider yourself a winner. Received a small victory, you will want to build on their success. Of course, once you can't become a workaholic, just start to waste not a minute and a half. Most importantly, overcome the barrier that previously prevented you to achieve success.

Soon you will notice that the hated classes you don't reject it, and dedicate them more time. Success in the job is when you spend more than an hour. Surely you have enough enthusiasm to devote so much time, even if you are hopeless lazy.