Figuratively speaking, a man's love is divided into four periods.

Puppy love. Such a man is like a little baby, want to be loved and pitied. It usually has nothing, but puts it on display, and so that he was sympathetic. When he has a beloved woman, he surrounds her incredible care. He allegedly tries to compensate for its disadvantages. But if she wants to leave him he will cry to cause self-pity. Quite often this feeling makes women reconsider their intentions.

The love of a man. I'm the only one! The motto of this love. The man is absolutely not interested in anyone's feelings but their own feelings. It is the ideal. But the loneliness such a person is not threatened, because he's just sure that it is reliable and successful just impossible not to love. Unfortunately, such a man is rarely able to truly love a woman.

A Mature love. The synonym of mutual love. Very often it happens that it comes only after a certain stage of life. The man depends on the woman, but at the same time respects and values its mate. Only now he realizes that happiness is not only love, but also help in difficult times. Right now, the man never understand a woman, it helps to realize in life and be proud of her progress.

The love of man. This is the case when all the shortcomings of the men joined General unwillingness to achieve anything. She resembles a child's love. Only if then a man cares about a woman, the love and attention he requires to him. And in that case, if a woman wants to leave him, he will prey on her grief, if only she changed her mind.

Love has no age. Therefore, we cannot say that at a certain age a man loves so, and in a different time period otherwise. Inexperienced young man can love as an adult, wealthy man, and a grown man like a child. It all completely depends on human nature. One thing is for sure. For true love there are no rules and laws. If a couple sincerely wants to live with each other until the end of life, she will overcome all obstacles.