Because of the endless thought stream we miss the present moment. For example, washing up in the morning, you are already thinking about how you are at work and communicate with the head, thus you aren't already here and now, as your thoughts are not with you.

It often happens that the situation that you've replayed in my head, happened with almost absolute precision, and it is not a coincidence. All thoughts, both positive and negative are powerful and affect our lives.

The man, thinking, reproduces the exact picture of what he wants or what he fears. Thus, you have unconsciously set to some events in my life. When your thoughts are negative, we can see that starting to happen some unpleasant situation appear life's problems. This is actually translated into reality the fears that before happen in reality, you have projected in your thoughts.

If your mind is cluttered with negativity, you will chase trouble and unhappiness, and life will seem bleak. It all depends on what emotions we feel, if you feel joy, and everything that happens around you, too, will bear positive. However, to get rid of negative thinking can be very difficult and this needs to work.

First, you need to try to think less about the past and future, and learn to live in the present. Enjoy the moment that is happening here and now. If anything has upset or annoyed, try not to respond with negativity, as all situations are only those emotions that you filled them. Learn to find the positive even in the most difficult situations.

Your whole life is a reflection of your own thoughts. Try to learn to think positively, to live and enjoy each moment. After all, our life is filled with many joyful and positive event. But if suddenly you have appeared in my mind a negative thought, then smile and think about something good. After all, what happens in reality, just depends on what is happening in the subconscious.