Sometimes, using the recipes of traditional medicine, not only can not get the desired result, but very disappointed in the side effects. After all, usually are not considered contraindications, are the ways of such self-medication taken from unreliable sources. So it pays to think and analyze the composition of the ingredients used, after all, something you may be allergic, and something you can be is contraindicated. It is best to consult a doctor in order to avoid disappointment.

But there is also a definite plus traditional medicine is its ease of use and application. It is also the improvement and strengthening of the body. After all, she and people of the fact that it uses natural ingredients.

For example, the use of chicory has long been recognized useful. Him make teas, tinctures, compresses. Chicory is act as an antipyretic, diuretic, improve gastric function, and all metabolic properties of the body, helps in losing weight. Also drinking it will help with the constant stress and disorders.

But even in chicory there are contraindications. For example, it is prohibited to use for gastritis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers.

As is clear from this example - even the most innocuous at first glance, the prescription of self-treatment, can harm the body when not knowing the contraindications. You should always read the contra-indications not only for medical means, but also for traditional medicine.

In any case, when minor diseases would be better to drink the infusion or tea to make a compress, etc. Even doctors advise to eat more natural food because the pill is not always harmless. Folk medicine can help the recovery of the body after the transfer of acute diseases or with reduced immunity. Natural is always good, just think what to choose for your body.

Thus, we can conclude that traditional medicine is useful and safe only when you know all side effects and contraindications.