1. Live only in their installations. Most of us realize the hopes and dreams of other people. For example, in childhood you parents insisted that to treat people is a noble and prestigious, as a result you become a doctor, but not at will, and parent will, though they dreamed of a professional designer. It's important to separate your dreams from others.

2. Remove the contradictions. Some of our desires are contrary to the other. At the same time we want to build a career and bring up children, to move to another city but do not want to part with family and friends. You need to determine the priority. Striving to fulfill all desires at once can cause you to miss the most important.

3. About your desire think about the inevitable event that will happen. Only then we will be taking concrete steps to realize the dream.

4. To my dream about as a serious project. Set measurable goals, look for motivation, make a plan of action, invest the time. Many of our desires are fulfilled, if we are talking about them out loud. Be sure to find people with the necessary knowledge and relationships that will help realize your fantasy.

5. Act. If on the way there were obstacles in the form of knowledge, Finance or time, decide what actions need to be taken now, to a couple of steps closer to the goal until there are the necessary resources.