To understand why a car battery runs down, you need to know how it works. The outer casing hides a banks filled with electrolyte, which shares the plate with a negative and positive charge.

When the batteries lose energy, the plates interact with each other. As a result, the negatively charged plate falls lead sulfate. When the battery is charging, everything happens in reverse order.

Naturally, this is only a schematic description of the processes occurring in batteries batteries. In fact, the market today, you can find batteries of different types.

The oldest are considered the accepted batteries. Their body is made of ebony, covered with mastic. The design of the battery provides even the replacement cans if necessary.

Most popular today are partially serviced car batteries. Motorists have to monitor the level of the electrolyte. For topping there are special caps at the top of the battery.

The most modern and at the same time, the most expensive are maintenance-free batteries. They are very easy to use and are more reliable, as they come mostly famous brands. However, because of the high prices they are not very popular, although they have their customers.