The beet produced in the spring. It, like many other vegetable crops, often planted directly in the open ground seeds. As for the timing of planting, it depends entirely on the weather conditions. In some regions beets are planted in April, others at the end of may, average strip of Russia - early may.

The beet crop should begin when the earth warmed at a depth of more than 8 inches above 10 degrees. As has been said, in Russia it happens in the first week of may, but not always. If the weather is cloudy, the earth is warming up up to that mark later on one to two weeks.

Before planting seeds, prepare the garden bed: dig them to a depth of half a bayonet spade (fertilizer, it is desirable to produce in the fall), paraglide ground to remove the roots of weeds and debris.

If you have difficulties with a selection of raised beds for beets, but remember, you can't go wrong with the beds, which are more than half a day under direct sunlight. And if before planting the beets in these beds grew cucumbers, tomatoes or cabbage, you can expect to harvest beets.

So, after preparing the beds, make shallow furrows with either the blades or other tools (the distance between grooves is not less than 10 centimeters). Each groove pour solution of potassium permanganate, after which we will start sowing the seeds (put them in furrows at a distance of 8 centimetres from each other). Remember if you seeds are not pre-proustite, the rise of them more than 70%. Sprinkle the ground seeds, pour slightly warm water.

Favorable days for planting beets in the open ground on the lunar calendar 2016:

April 26, 27, 28 and 29;

in may - 3, 4, 7, 8, 17, 18.