Have you noticed ever that performing any task with anyone in a pair, you uploaded not full? At a time when you have to cope with different kind of task by yourself, you are doing everything possible in your power and more. This is no accident, this behaviour has its explanation. The behavior is defined in the scientific world as a social laziness, or the effect of Ringelman.

What is it and who is Ringelman? Everything is simple, Ringelman is a French psychologist, who about a hundred years ago conducted a series of psychological experiments on human beings. The purpose and goal of which was to prove that people working in the team, shows the efficiency is much less than if he worked himself. And it does not depend on the complexity of the problem.

Many years ago there was an interesting experiment done, this took a group of people, the so-called Guinea pig. They had set the task to raise the maximum amount pounds as you can. After this people were divided into pairs and they had to do the same, but in pairs. The results of the experiment scientists plunged into shock. The more people in the group, the less weight could raise each of them in comparison with the result when they worked by themselves. This effect is called social laziness.

To explain the behavior of people is very simple. Because if a person works himself, he does not hope in anyone, and he laid as much as possible, working on the result. But if a person works in a team, his logic differs from the logic of independent work. Working in a team of people counting on others, that someone will do something for him that he will be able to finish or not to go the extra mile. And no one will notice that it idles or doesn't finish.

When I increased the number of participants in the group, the rate of achievement each fall. So the teams of large groups of people inhibit the personal development of the individual and not always a positive effect on the overall result. Here is the human psyche. Sometimes to achieve the maximum result, chiefs not necessary to group their employees, otherwise they relax. Such is life in the team a lot of parasites that don't work, but skilfully know how to do the activity. At that time, as someone who really work hard, but his efforts are not noticed and often not appreciated.

No social technology, training, or installation are not in power to break the human mind. Leaders should consider this factor and conclude that in the group of the personal factor of a worker's ability decreases.