For the Sunny side of the balcony suitable plants for optimal growth and flowering needs good light, including plants such as adenium, bougainvillea, tsiperus. All succulents, cacti and spurges also prefer the sun. Photophilous considered marliave family – gippeastrum, Cleve, Amarilis, Nerina. If you put the pots on a Sunny balcony in which to grow pelargonium, hibiscus, fuchsia, Anthurium, balsams – they will be perfectly in bloom. From orchids on the Sunny side of the house you can settle Cattleya – she's the only one of all the beauties tolerate the bright sun. Will not refuse to soak up the bright rays of the sun and Jasmine Hoey, Chlorophytum, sansevieriya. Spectacular giants, such as dracaena, monstera, ficus, dieffenbachia palm tree and is worthy of a place under the sun in the winter green balcony. But still, no matter how useful the sun, watch special activity should pritenyat plants with relletov or blinds to prevent leaf scorch.

For the premises, where mainly dominated by shadow, the best fit such plants: Teschin language, zamioculcas, Nephrolepis, Chlorophytum, Venus hair. Very good to grow in the shade of the aspidistra, and ferns. Such decorative foliage plants like alocasia, dieffenbachia, begonia thrive in partial shade. Low-maintenance plants – palms, can grow in sun and in shadow areas of the room. Very nice will brighten shady balcony climbing plants - potted grape ivy, Hoya. But the giants will successfully fit into the interior, dominated by shade - hibiscus. If you use additional lighting can complement the landscaping of balconies and other plants, which need light of a lamp will be compensating it.

What accessories you can use to decorate a winter green garden on the balcony? Of course, the most important thing is flower pots, planters. To install a pots choose all kinds of racks and hanging shelves, stands with backlight. For irrigation use special drinkers, they need to stick in the ground in which a plant grows, and special labels on which to write about the time and day watering. This is very important – after all, there are plants for which excessive moisture is detrimental, for example orchids. Also use support for large plants. For decorating buy mini-fountains, or mini ponds. For leisure in green can be placed in the winter garden furniture – table and chairs.

A winter garden that pleases their owners, it should be arranged for optimal care. Here are some simple tips:

  • to support climbing plants, you need to install the trellis;
  • do not place the greenery along the Windows to not close the passage to it;
  • for decorating the balcony you can use all the space – floor, walls and even the ceiling, using special construction;
  • for illumination of plants at the deficit of light desired setting lights.

By following these simple rules, you'll get that winter garden on the balcony will always look beautiful and well-maintained.