Stunted growth, dull color, loss of hair, occurrence of split ends often cause the wrong cosmetics, poor circulation and inadequate nourishment to the hair follicles. The advantage of masks for hair growth, home-made, lies in the fact that their production uses natural ingredients to find which can be tailored to the individual characteristics of the organism.

Oil mask

An indispensable tool for the prevention of hair loss and actively stimulate their growth is sesame oil. Mask using it effectively revive lifeless curls, eliminate the dryness and breakage, promotes hair growth, treat irritated scalp.

For cooking the most simple and quick mask take equal quantities of liquid natural honey, sesame oil, warm the mixture in a water bath. Then, gently massaging the scalp, RUB the mask into the hair roots and spread evenly throughout their length. The mixture was kept on the hair for hours, insulated head with a towel.

Natural blondes are advised to use the product with caution, because the frequent use of sesame oil gives the hair a darker shade.

Exotic mask

An efficient mask to strengthen hair and stimulate their growth is considered a mixture made from 2 tablespoons argan oil, 1 tsp. spirulina powder, a few drops of vitamin E and 1 tbsp of black mud broad-spectrum. The mask is suitable only for dark hair because has a coloring effect. Blondes is recommended to replace mud honey.

As well acts on the structure, blonde hair a mixture of the juice and pulp of papaya, egg yolk and vitamin B7 (Biotin). The mask not only stimulates hair growth but also gives them softness, Shine and restores after numerous dyeing or hot styling.

Warming mask

Mask for hair growth, composed of ingredients which increases blood circulation to the scalp, should be applied with caution if the scalp is irritated, hair is very dry, there is an individual intolerance of separate components. The most popular are mustard, pepper and ginger mask; apply it only on the roots of the hair, washing away at the first sign of unbearable burning.

Ginger mask is prepared by rubbing the root on a grater and carefully pressing the juice with a cotton swab applied to the hair. To enhance the effect to a mask you can add 1 tbsp of honey and 1 tsp aloe juice.

Good warming effect has a mask of 1 tbsp. pharmacy tincture of red pepper, mixed with an equal amount of olive or burdock oil and a nourishing balm for the hair. The exposure mask should be about 15 minutes.

To prepare mustard mask should take 2 tablespoons of burdock oil, the same amount of mustard powder, fresh chicken egg yolk and 1 tsp of sugar. Mustard diluted with a small amount of hot water, add other ingredients and applied on the hair roots. Wash off the mask, you need warm water – at high temperatures mustard baked with difficulty washed out of the hair.