Despite the fact that many folk remedies for sore throat tested for decades, you should never consider them as the main methods of treatment. Rinse herbal decoction, salt solutions, aromatherapy, home heating can be used only as a Supplement to primary therapy. If throat pain is too strong, is accompanied by swollen lymph nodes, fever, it is better to consult a doctor who will select the effective and modern tool for the treatment of throat.

Pastilles, lozenges and tablets for sucking

Perhaps, this form of release means for the treatment of sore throat can be considered the most popular. Typically, the lozenges contain a local anesthetic, which for a time relieves the burning sensation and sore throat. These drugs can be composed of extracts of herbs, essential oils, as well as antifungal and antibacterial agents. They are evenly distributed in the oral cavity, gradually relieving sore throat. However, lozenges, lollipops, and lozenges can rarely be the sole treatment for the throat: they are best used as part of a holistic therapy.


Such products – a great alternative to folk remedies. They are more effective and safe due to the precise composition. Their main advantage – the ability to "wash" out the affected area pathogenic viruses and bacteria, and mucus and suppuration. However, to feel the obvious effect, means will have to use a few days.

Ointment for the throat

This form of issue of medicines from pain in the throat was very popular a few decades ago, but is still used to this day. The patient gets the opportunity to apply the gel point and almost not feel its unpleasant taste. Most of the ointments activate blood circulation in the area of application, which contributes to more rapid regeneration of the mucosa. However, the main difficulty lies in the method of applying: not every patient will be able to carry out this procedure.


Of course, the spray can be called the most effective remedy for sore throat. Like the drug works fairly quickly, and the liquid penetrates into the most inaccessible areas of the throat, providing maximum action of the drug. According to a recent study conducted by pharmaceutical company KRKA, copes well with pain and inflammation in the throat novelty of the pharmaceutical market – spray "Septolete®Plus". Its main active ingredient is an antiseptic cetilpiridinia chloride, which effectively acts on the most well-known strains of viruses, pathogenic bacteria and fungi that cause sore throat. Unlike similar aerosols, "Septolete®Plushas dosed sputtering mechanism by which the patient will receive only the necessary dose of medication.