Roller blinds are very functional and have many other advantages, including an extremely simple to manufacture.

Sewing of curtains you will need two pieces of fabric according to the window size, thread, two blocks of wood (square in section, approximately 2 by 2 cm or 3 on 3 cm and round with a diameter of about 2 cm for weight), ribbon or cord for fixing, furniture stapler.

Before purchasing materials for curtains, measure the window or frame that you want to close the blinds. Width of fabric should be about 5 cm greater than the width of the frame, length - 10-15 cm greater than the length of the frame. The length of each bar should be equal to the width of the frame.

Order sewing curtains:

1. For blinds it is better to take two pieces of fabric because the curtain is folded wrong side inside, that's not very nice. That's why blinds are sewn in two layers like the bag - sew the three sides, and the top edge of the "bag" filed.

2. "Bag" put a round bar on which will be wound the curtain, and sew up to make a narrow pocket with the weighting.

3. The upper part of the curtains wrap the second a block of wood and fasten the cloth, furniture stapler.

4. Two ribbon or decorative cord through the top loop part of the curtains, secure each furniture clip. For fixing the blinds will have to wrap it to the desired height and tie ribbons.

Шьем рулонные шторы своими руками

5. Fasten the curtain to the window with screws.

Useful tip: So the curtain can be removed and cleaned, attach it to the window on the small metal loops as the picture. Also a good option - mount the curtains on the bar with Velcro attachments.

By the way, the fabric to be the front and inside of such curtains, you can choose different colors and patterns, but it is important that they blend with each other. It is also possible to "play" with the upper part of the curtains, for example, to fasten it on a classical cornice.

Шьем рулонные шторы своими руками