Scouting the location

Shortly before the start of the school year take your child to school. Show him where not only his class but the locker room, dining room and of course the toilet. Of course, the teacher will explain to children in their first days at school, but the child can get lost in the abundance of information. The problem with the toilet can turn into a real disaster if the kid hesitate to ask.

"But in the morning I feel sleepy..."

Start to teach your baby to school mode in advance. Of course, in the last days of summer I want to luxuriate in bed longer, but for the pleasure will have to pay dearly at the beginning of the school year. Children will have enough physiological stress, it is not necessary to add to it sharp regime change. Parents themselves would be superfluous to "get on track", because there's nothing worse than when the school year starts in a child with hasty levies, full of nervous prodding or constant delay due to your fault.

Mom, read this

Read baby books on first-graders, in which children are confronted with different school situations and with honor pass through them. These novels and short stories perfectly cooked the child to school, allow not only to discuss with their parents what they read, and to Express their fears, to speak and overcome them. It can be:

  • "The First Grader" By Eugene Schwartz;
  • "Ella in the first class," Timo Parvela;
  • "The epic of fierce first-graders" Grigory Oster;
  • "Shoo, Deportes and a whole week of" Yuz Aleshkovsky, and others.

Will help to prepare your child for school and the book Saida Sakharova "Kalinkina school for first graders". In addition to the interesting narrative, lots of practical advice about how to behave in school, how to build a portfolio, choose a pencil, to make the mode of the day.

Nice to meet you

At the meeting parents of future first-graders try to get to know moms whose children are going to learn with your in the same class. It would be good to agree on some joint trips. If the first day of school children will not be surrounded by "strangers" to get used to the school routine it will be much easier.

I'll be there

Let the child understand that you will be next. Try to take on the first week of school vacation and let the kid know that you are ready to come to his aid immediately. One the feeling that mom or dad put aside all things and "insure" it, is able to inspire confidence in your child. If your future first-grader still no phone, buy him the simplest model and learn to use it. It should not torment the idea that something will happen and he will not be able to contact you.

"Calmness, only calmness!"

Talk with your child about what to worry about before the first day of school is normal. Let the family members to share with them his school stories, talk about their experience, show pictures. Prepare the school not just the child, but his emotional relatives. Tell them that in the first "working" day of the kid does not want to cry from happiness and pride to overwhelm the kid their feelings and to mislead him. The family mood barometer should stay at the level of "joyful calm" and avoid the storm of emotions. Them from the future first-graders, their lack.