Before you decide to photograph lightning, it is worth remembering that its temperature is greater than the sun 5 times and can reach a length of 40 km. Therefore, without shelter and sound settings, equipment is necessary. Such pictures always attracted attention and still astonishing, capturing the power of natural elements, which eludes the modern human.

To fix the lightning on the photo properly exposed shutter speed, aperture and sensitivity.


Show everyone the dangerous beauty of the storm happens when you configure extract for a period of 10 seconds. During this period of time the camera will shoot everything that will happen in the sky. The longer the exposure, the higher the chance to capture a unique phenomenon on film. If your camera has the BULB mode, together with the trigger lock can significantly simplify the hunt for lightning. In the daytime to increase exposure happens by using neutral grey filters, including a polarizer and ND. With a very large exposure matrix may overheat and start to make noise and the picture will turn out overexposed.


In the daytime the aperture to expose 11-16, at dusk and at night it should be open for the normal exposure.


Day to fix a zipper will help minimal ISO, but in the dark it is best to raise this figure, but not above 400 or the amount of noise will increase dramatically.


At night most often use manual focus mode to infinity. To focus on the front part of the image you should use a flashlight and focus on the light. Do not forget LiveView, which magnifies objects and makes focusing easier on them.

To do beautiful photos of storms and lightning will not work without certain factors of luck. Among them important role play the shooting time, place and weather conditions. To achieve the best composition will allow proper use of the area around the raging elements. It is sufficient to find the road stretching into the distance, the smooth surface of the river reflecting the sky, the lonely tree or the picturesque buildings and include them in the plot of the photography. In cloudy weather, fluorescent lightning will be hard to see if not focus on the cloud. Night time photo of the element can be less effective because of the monotony, but at the time of the sunset photos will be the most colorful and interesting. If the storm is not intense and 30 seconds is not more than 2 lightning strikes, shooting it is better to postpone for another time.

What accessories need hunters for lightning?

  • Choose aluminum tripod with hook for installation of the weighting, which will save equipment from wind gusts. For greater stability it is better to use a tripod without a Central rod on the tripod.
  • Indispensable when shooting lightning will be a cable release or a more expensive option is a remote control with a timer.
  • In the Arsenal of the hunter of lightning must be different filters.
  • To save the camera from excessive humidity will help raincover. The photographer also should ease the wait of the frame and to dress appropriately for the weather.
  • When shooting at night, a flashlight will help to focus and highlight the scenic objects for the foreground.
  • To protect the lens from splashes to help a protective hood, and with traces of drops will effectively manage a microfiber cloth.
  • During long exposures the battery runs down quickly, so it is better to have extra batteries.

Due to the fact that the lightning can appear in any place, many wonder about how to learn how to photograph the elements correctly. For shooting it is better to find a place where in addition to the sky, you can capture different perspective views to a thunderstorm. This will make the frame more effective and will reflect the true extent of the disaster.

Do not forget about personal safety in the first place is to find shelter for themselves. Since metal tripod, exhibited in open space, it becomes an excellent target for lightning. It is also recommended to switch off your mobile phone and all devices that can transmit signals.