Resorts of Tunisia are not as popular as the rest in Egypt or Turkey, but this stunning country is equally rich history, gorgeous beaches and some of the best thalassotherapy centres in the world. The unique charm of the East is read here in every corner, overflowing with bright colors of the Golden desert and spices, the emerald of the tropics and the côte d'azur.

Border of Tunisia, lie the white beaches of the Mediterranean sea in the very depths of the scorching Sahara, forming two climatic zones. In the North and North-East is dominated by tropical Mediterranean climate and the South a desert climate. The tops of the mountains in the West of the country in winter covered with snow. In the summer months, it dominates more moderate than in the Northern regions of Tunisia, temperature.


In December vacation in Tunisia focuses on Wellness and relaxation at the thalassotherapy centres and Spa treatments. Most Spa hotels have pools and water parks closed type, where you can combine bathing and entertainment with healing rituals of beauty and youth. Weather in Tunisia in this period is not favorable for a beach holiday, as the temperature of the air varies at around 16-18 degrees.

To raise in the mountains should be prepared for sub-zero temperatures and strong winds and cold nights in the desert when the thermometer reaches only to the level of 8 degrees. Therefore, the sightseeing part of the holiday in Tunisia may not be available until the spring.

In the North of the country due to the abundance of rain, all the streets are covered with lush blossoming greenery, citrus and almonds, and ripen the harvest of the olives. At the beginning of winter in Douz and Tozeur are international festivals devoted to ancient customs and culture of the local population. Despite the abundance of storms, in winter, in Tunisia, you can find private beaches and perfect tan.


From March start to work tours to Tunisia. Resort temperature does not fall below 20 degrees, so sightseeing and afternoon desert Safari will take place in a comfortable environment. By the end of spring, many intrepid travelers are opening the swimming season as the water warms up to 19 degrees and the air temperature reaches 26 degrees.

For lovers of the ancient in April, you can visit the archaeological festival in Tataouine dedicated to the culture and art of the southern regions of the country. In may a holiday in Tunisia with children is the most optimal according to budget and weather conditions. The beaches become accessible water sports including yachting and fishing.


Despite the fact that the air in early summer warms up to 30 degrees, the water remains at a level not higher than 21 degrees. A holiday in Tunisia in June, suitable for the elderly, children and those who cannot handle the heat, as the wind in the sea to cool and refresh the air. Thanks to 10-hour light day, you can devote more time excursions in the desert and historical regions of the country. In addition to the attractions of Tunisia tourists can visit the famous horse race in Sidi, Thabet and Meknassiand enjoy jazz compositions at a music festival in Tabarka.

A holiday in Tunisia in July can be marred by only a season which will last until September and winds. The air temperature can warm up to 33 degrees and the sea water rises to a comfortable 26 degrees. In July-August in the desert can be uncomfortable as the day when the street is unbearable heat, and at night, when the temperature approaches zero. In the resorts of Tunisia, El JEM, Hammamet, and during this period we organize musical and theatrical festivals.

In August, a beach holiday in Tunisia reaches its peak. The water does not drop below 28 degrees, and the air can warm up to 35 degrees. Tourists in late summer, it is better to choose the Northern resorts of the country and more to stay in the shade. Not less popular in this period the Spa resorts thalassotherapy where you can not only refresh, but also to relax. In the wilderness increases the risk of strong storms, so exotic Safari can be unsafe. All music fans can spend the summer calendar in Tunisia music festival in Tabarka.


Tunisia in September happy travelers a welcome freshness and comfortable temperatures for sightseeing trips. All Amateur photographers in the early fall can showcase your talent in the contest underwater photos in Tabarka. Therefore a vacation in Tunisia in September attracts many creative people from around the world.

In October, Tunisia is suitable for a beach holiday, because the temperature of water and air are kept at around 25 degrees. Evenings can be cool because of the wind and rare rain, so it's best to bring the appropriate clothing. For fans of cinema in Korfagen open international festival of creativity, and fans of extreme sports will appreciate the marathon Steps of the SCHOTT" taking place right in the desert.

Weather in Tunisia in October suitable for families with children. In late autumn the country's resorts to close beach season and offer a closed water fun in hotels. The air warms up to 20 degrees, and it rains often, but in this period, you can purchase the best tours of Tunisia and a great to save on Spa holidays.