The first thing you need to do when buying turf is to check its quality. It takes a little to roll out the coil and see if there was sown cereals weeds. The presence of bald spots - this is also the reason to refuse such a pitch. It is important that the sod was the same everywhere. If the root system of the lawn is well developed, the roots are tightly intertwined, and the grass will not flake off.

Site preparation for turf is made in advance, so as to lay the rolls need on the day of purchase or next. This will help to create a smooth cover. Therefore, you need to:

- clear the area from debris, plants and stumps;

- on clayey soil to drain, on top of which strew the fertile soil and tamping it;

- level the surface so that the lawn turned out everywhere on the same level.

Turf can be laid throughout the summer season, but better to do it in the spring, when the survival rate is higher.

How to lay turf

It is more convenient to do it from the edge, where they were stacked coils. So they don't have to drag from side to side, and the quality of the lawn will not suffer. The roll is unrolled in a straight line even if the line is flowerbed. Then you would have to cut the extra pieces going into it. Small pieces lawn better pack the middle and not the edges. So the lawn will look uniform. Joint. the rolls do not stack. Do it on the principle of masonry. When the first row of turf laid, you need to check whether the pits or tubercles. If any need to smooth the surface under the coil and compacted. The next series of coils are placed without overlapping, but the gap between the rolls must not be greater than 2 cm do not need to move in the grass and on the wooden flooring of multiple boards. After the turf laid about a month, it can not walk, and the first 2 weeks it should be watered so that the roots have taken root.

Care of rolled turf

Lawn watering 1 every 10 days in dry weather. Break and remove weeds. First haircut is carried out in 4 weeks, grabbing only the top of the grass. Latest haircut recommended in September, leaving the grass height 4 cm All plant debris from the lawn to rake. Spend spring aeration and scarification of the lawn, but also fertilizing fertilizers.