As in "Avataria" earn gold for free

One of the easiest ways is to buy votes. So, in one voice, the participant receives 10 gold coins. Worth noting, the more votes are exchanged , the better the rate of gold. A player can only change the voices on the currency. This method, of course, is not free, but the easiest.

If you have free time and of such extraordinary qualities as patience, the next way to get gold in "Avataria" free for you. So, on successful execution of simple tasks you will earn one gold coin. Of course, this way to earn capital is very slow, but reliable and loyal.

For the lucky players and those who is lucky in gambling, there is a chance to get the gold "Avataria" for free, using the favor of fortune in the Wheel of fortune". Still, after all at stake 4 gold coins.

For those who are wondering how to get gold in "Avataria the free time to attend school. With the right implementation of a couple of dozen jobs on the virtual balance for 275 points will be awarded 50 gold coins. In addition, a nice bonus - one or two gold coins for each completed task.

The fans of this game know to get gold in "Avataria" for free is very easy: you simply have every day to go to the game. For the fifth, tenth and fifteenth days of player bonus are awarded one, five, or seven gold coins respectively.

Performing various tasks in the menu "free Gold" you can make good money. But it is worth noting that you need to carry only affordable and simple tasks that do not require any separate investment funds.

How to get gold in "Avataria" no

This is probably main ways in which you can use to obtain gold in "Avataria" for free. However, I would like to warn novice players that the network swindlers. For a nominal fee, they offer some codes. With this code, supposedly, it is possible to obtain gold in the game for free. Only in the game menu there is no box to enter the code. Paying money to fraudsters, you naturally will not get gold or silver coins, but at risk of acquiring a virus on your PC and breakdown at the wasted money, which could be by voice, later exchanging them for gold. If, nevertheless, a miracle happened and someone managed to earn gold coins in "Avataria" in a dishonest way, from the administration, immediately followed by a blocking of the account.

In recent years between the avid gamers, a wave of spam in the form of comments calling to get gold in "Avataria" only for the use of someone else's pages and leaving them a few comments. But it's nothing more than another deception. Money you for this, of course, did not withdraw, but time will be wasted. Any remuneration in the form of gold coins will follow. So you should arm yourself using the above methods and to use them to obtain gold coins in "Avataria" for free.