Ways of filling of the Declaration 3-NDFL

Fill the pit Declaration on a property deduction you have the following options:

- in electronic form using special software "Declaration 3-pit" which can be downloaded from the website of the FTS;

- in paper form, using the form of the established sample, which can be taken in a tax office or downloaded online;

- to turn to specialized firms that provide services of this kind, for a certain amount of fill in the Declaration.

The procedure for filling in the electronic Declaration form 3-NDFL

To fill the pit Declaration on a property deduction in electronic form, you must perform several steps:

- to visit the site www.gnivc.ru FTS and download the free software package "3-NDFL" with detailed instructions, taking into account the time period that is covered in the Declaration;

- install the program by following the prompts;

- running the software complex "3-NDFL" in the menu that opens, choose the tab "terms" and among the proposed identification options to choose;

- go to the tab "details of the declarant" and fill in the appropriate fields;

- go to the tab "Income earned in the Russian Federation and to submit accurate data by specifying the sources of payments and amounts of income;

- in the tab "Deductions" to enter information about the property and indicate the estimated amount of the deduction;

- check the data that is shown in the Declaration of conformity and print the document.

The order of filling of Declaration form 3-NDFL paper letterhead

In order to fill the income tax Declaration on a property deduction in paper form, you need to decide on sheets that relate specifically to the property tax deduction. Compulsory subject the title and section number 6. Another unique aspect of the drafting of the Declaration is to begin to fill her at the end, with the exception of the title page.

The recommended order and sequence that you must follow to complete the income tax Declaration on a property deduction:

1. The title page, which shall include the following data: tax authority code, country code, category of taxpayers, personal data, passport number and the code was, the status of the taxpayer and the address of his place of residence, contact details, number of pages of the document.

2. List jf1 contains the section "Revenue by month" that you want to make the total figure of all revenues by month and section Calculation of standard tax deductions", which includes information on when and to what extent was the standard deductions.

3. Sheet And displays information about the sources of income in the Russian Federation stating the name of the company which accrued the income, remuneration, and amounts of withheld tax.

4. Section 6 should contain information about the code of the budgetary classifier that lists tax and territory code according to OKATO, where he was paid.

5. Section 1 is a summary of all declarations and includes data on the number of all completed worksheets.

After I filled in the personal income tax Declaration on a property deduction you must attach the relevant documents, which confirm expenses incurred and to send all the documents to the tax office for refund of personal income tax.