Usually we throw away boxes and cardboard base roll of toilet paper. But they can be bright enough and convenient organizer for pens and pencils. It will be convenient for the storage of rulers, brushes, pens, and many other things so necessary to the student every day. The organizer can advise the house master to store the same screwdrivers, files, blades for bow saws, and the lady, fond of needlework, can store in this organizer are many and varied knitting needles, crochet hooks, and other tools.

To make the organizer will need to find a cardboard box (best suited cardboard used for making boxes for packages) and some thick cardboard tubes that toilet paper is wound (number of tubes depends on the size of the box), any colored paper or Wallpaper, trivia for finishing (if it is necessary that the organizer was the same as the photo, fit the colored felt and buttons or beads).

The build process is obvious:

  • Cardboard box paste colored paper or Wallpaper (you can also use the self-adhesive foil).
  • Decorate the box to their own taste. For example, cut from a thin felt circles and flowers and pasted them with glue "Moment-crystal". In the center of the flower or you can glue a bead or little bright button.
  • Inside the box is put upright tubes from toilet paper, fastened to each other with their drops of glue or a stapler.

Organizer for tools or stationery ready!