There are several types of female figures. And before you buy clothes or to choose a pattern for sewing, we should stay near the mirror and find out their affiliation to one of them.

Type "X" or "Hourglass" is probably the most common. Characterized by slim waist, gorgeous Breasts and rounded hips. This type of shape is considered ideal and its owners have nothing to hide. Girls belonging to the X type, can wear any clothes. They, the lucky few are all models and styles.

Girl with sloping shoulders, small Breasts, a pronounced waist and round, curvy hips, belong to the type "A" or "Pear". Women with such data you need to focus on upper body, making it visually a little more. And the lower part is necessary as-that to hide, to bring the proportions into balance. Sleeves-lanterns, Bolero, draping at the neck will be very helpful – they will help to visually enlarge the upper part of the body.

Type of shape "Rectangle" or "N", are those who have the shoulders, waist and hips are almost equal. In women with such a figure almost is not the desired bend in the belt, but this is hardly a flaw, since such a shape provides a huge space for imagination and experiments with style. Type "Rectangle" to fit a straight line, poluprilegayuschy and loose silhouettes. As a rule, women have this type of beautiful legs.

If the feature shapes are wide shoulders, so the type of shape "Triangle" or "V". To disproportionate shoulder belt included slim waist, narrow hips and long beautiful legs. Women of this type are needed to divert attention from the massive top, correctly selecting the clothes and paying attention to the lower part of the body.

The figure of type "Apple", or "O" is the complete lack of waist. While women can be beautiful, fragile arms and shoulders, slender legs and thighs. To remedy this shortcoming you can use construction lines in the chest area – the focus should be either on this part of the body or the legs.

If you correctly identify the type of its shape, it is possible to avoid many mistakes in the image. And the choice of clothes will no longer be a problem.