Today, you can find a variety of keyboards – from the futuristic, gaming, with additional screen and programmable keys to small, convenient to take with you anywhere, with minimum features.

It is worth considering the following options:

1. Interface connection

Most of the keyboards available for connection to the ports PS/2 or USB. But on the specific motherboard of the computer or laptop may not be one of these ports (on older motherboards, there is usually no USB on modern may not be PS/2).

2. The size and number of keys

All keyboards can be divided into two types – compact and full-size. At first there is usually no numpad, it is more similar to a compact laptop keyboard. This keypad is comfortable to take with you to work on your tablet or to connect to the computer, if for an ordinary keyboard is not enough space on the table. If you make a large number of calculations, it is likely that use digital unit, and that means it is better to choose a full-sized keyboard.

3. Shape, design features, purpose

Also worth considering to choose between the conventional rectangular and ergonomic keyboard (they are different curved shape, dividing the keyboard for right and left hands). But, I think, the choice between conventional and ergonomic should be done, guided only by his own taste and convenience. This concerns the principle of operation of the keys (mechanical diaphragm) – different types different immersion depth of the keys. And even though mechanical type reliability more, it is necessary to remember that such keyboards the key clicks louder and more diving depth (membrane – little depth and quieter sound).

As for purpose, you can select a gaming keyboard. Such keyboards are more functionality, in particular, they can find additional programmable keys, an extra screen to display information on the game, they usually differ in design and high strength, as well as recognition speed keystrokes and their combinations.

4. Fancy keyboard

Note the unusual keyboard, for example, flexible and waterproof. The lovers drink and spill tea at a computer they are very useful. Also useful can be a touch keyboard and a keyboard with a touchpad (like a laptop). Backlit keyboard will be useful for computer scientists-night owls. Also us is not the first inventors promise to release in a virtual keyboard, which is a laser projection on a table.

как выбрать клавиатуру для компьютера или ноутбука