Gift for younger brother

The idea choice of gift depends on the age of the celebrant. A gift to her younger brother with their hands hard to do. Ideas for this can be weight.


From construction paper make a mask of the beloved brother of a movie character or cartoon. To create volume on top of paper glue the pieces of cloth. Top of color pencils or paints.

The fortress of matches

Using matches and glue, create a fortification with towers and battlements. Warriors and guards are blind from clay or twist of the wire.

Robot costume

To make it easy. To do this, take two boxes. One must be of sufficient size to be worn on the torso. On the sides it make the openings for the arms at the top – head, bottom for feet. Smaller box fits over the head. It cut the eye holes. All this glue foil or just paint. For more complex costume used small boxes for hands and feet. Take two boxes for each limb, binding them in place of the elbows and knees. To seal everything you can with tape or wire.

Bow and arrow

For bow take a thick willow branch with a length of 80-100 cm the size of the toy depends on the age of brother. The ends of the stick tie a thick elastic thread. From durable stiff branches make arrows. The ends are slightly sharpened.

The game

It is suitable for young children. Hang small articles on the thread so that my brother had to jump to get them. It can be candy, small toys.

Gift for elder brother

Preferably, the ideas for gift are consistent with the interests of the culprit of the holiday. To give the older brother made a gift without reason. Consider a few original ideas:


For a brother who decided to do sports, you can give a homemade dumbbell. This plastic bottle is a 2 liter cut in 2 places. Top – the place where the bottle begins to narrow, and below by backing off a couple of inches from the bottom. Remove the middle part, the remaining glue, seal with tape and fill with sand. Take a stick that will snugly fit into the neck, and lie down comfortably in the hand. Place it between two pieces of glued bottles and tightly tied with tape.

Photo collage

Stock up on paper and photographs from the life of his brother. Cut out and affix photos in a random order. Make funny captions. If you can, make a video of the filmed episodes of his life and accompany all the music and funny comments.


Polymer clay can make a unique thing. If brother smokes, he vilaite ashtray original form.


If a brother is fond of baubles weave bracelet for him.


Ready glass glass decorate in the technique of decoupage.


Brother, who loves to cook, you can sew an apron. To decorate, make applique letters with the inscription: "the Best cook".

To give the brother a gift, made, too, need original. For example, to hide and to come up with a puzzle after guessing which brother will find a present. You can come up with a quest to find a gift.

This is just a small part of the surprises that you can do with your hands. Call on the help of your imagination – you know better than your brother. Think that it might be of interest?