They say that this flower can bring many benefits. Sansevieriya cleans the air of bacteria and germs, protecting people from colds and other diseases, strengthens the immune system, helps to transfer the stresses and pressure drops, to improve memorization of new knowledge, fosters the person confidence.

Signs confirm quite difficult, but one thing we can say with confidence to plant and care for pike by the tail is very simple. Put in the ground the leaf of this plant and most likely it will easily take root. The plant is recommended to put in a shaded area and water it when the top layer of soil in the pot dries. Sansevieriya don't like a lot of moisture, so the intervals between waterings can be about two to three weeks.

Even close to the pot sansevieriya feels pretty good, but the best growing plant to transplant. And again, for transplantation pike tail does not need anything special – just wait until the soil dries, gently separate the contents of the pot and pull the flower out. In a new pot put the drainage (suitable, for example, expanded clay), use regular potting soil and planting there sansevieriya.

If you are careful to take care of the pike's tail, he will blossom and will give you a pleasant smell similar to vanilla.