How to send free SMS to "life" with the phone

Send free SMS messages on life mobile phone is available only in the framework of the service "Call me", are her subscribers, whose balance is insufficient for making calls. For its activation is sufficient to send an SMS message with the text "Call me" on the desired number, whereby the subscriber can call you from your phone.

You can also send free SMS to "life" with a zero or negative balance in other ways. For example, try typing *124*3*(phone number)# or send SMS with the phone of the subscriber to room 124. Please note that the service "Call me back" you can send up to 5 requests per day. For more information on available services free exchange of SMS messages, you can ask the operator for the number 5433.

How to send SMS to "life" for free from computer

Use one of the special Internet sites to send free SMS to "life" with the computer. The most easy to use is “SMS.DN.UA”. Here you need to specify as your carrier company "life", then type in your mobile number and the text of the message (up to 280 characters), then press "Send".

In the same way are other resources offering free SMS messages to "life" via the Internet. Be careful and check the sites whose services you want to use. Look for reviews about them on the Internet and make sure they are really free.