You will need
  • - earrings-ear-stud;
  • - 2 round beads of a larger size;
  • cyanoacrylate;
  • toothpick.
Pick earrings-ear-stud with small round beads. Elegant look earring with pearls white or cream color, but you can use adornments and beads any color. Please note that the clasp, poset should be plastic. So it will be easier to attach it to the beads of larger diameter.
Take 2 beads of larger diameter than the earrings. They can be positam tonal or contrasting shades. Holes in beads must be large enough.
Apply a little glue on a toothpick and gently spread it over the hole. Allow the glue to dry up a little and insert the clasp of the earrings. Press it with force and hold for a few seconds. Do the same with the second bead. Leave them until the glue about 5-10 minutes.
Trendy, asymmetrical and very elegant earrings are ready. Insert them into the puncture in the ear so that the smaller bead decorated lobe in front, and hook clasp with a large bead.