The name Grand Starex are the cars imported from Korea. The same Hyundai that are delivered specifically to the Russian market, called H1. This significant difference can be found in the used car lot of information. Korean Starex have more extensive standard equipment. Among them we can find models with full power accessories, including even Electrolux. H1 picking more modest, but to buy a car new in the cabin with a guarantee.

If you don't want to waste time in search of the Starex from private sellers, pay attention to a specialized area for the sale of South Korean cars with mileage. So in one place you can watch dozens of cars, and you will have confidence in their "pure" origin and roadworthy. But the prices at such salons will be higher than from a private party.

Now about possible problems. Hyundai Grand Starex with mileage can have problems with the electrics. Over time, out of order, Parking sensors, audio system. And the internal "decoration" might look too worn. Therefore, it is better to look for a cabin with fabric upholstery. Leather and suede too quickly come to an unpresentable appearance. Nesravnimy may be devices for the convenience of the driver and passengers – retractable Cup holders, armrests. Listen carefully to strange noises while driving. Weaknesses in the Starex are the bearings, the reducer of the rear bridge.