Original Android smartphone has a built-in processor from the company Linux. It is adapted specifically for the Android OS and the frequency change is not provided by the manufacturer. So to overclock the CPU you need with the help of special programs. The most simple and interface is the program SetCPU and Antutu CPU Master. These programs can be easily downloaded from Google Play. To use them you must have Root–rights.

Overclocking using SetCPU


When the app SetCPU loaded on the smartphone screen will appear a window where you can select the scan mode of the device. Mode is "recommended" for normal users and "preset manual" for more advanced users. When you select the recommended scan mode, the program immediately gives the base frequency and the active mode of the processor. Increase the frequency to two times. Select the operating mode of the CPU to ondemand and put a checkmark in "set on boot". Put a check mark next to "set on boot", we affirm our actions and the system can make the settings after a reboot. To increase the maximum speed it is best in several stages. After a few days repeat the procedure, then the maximum frequency will increase in 4 times, causing the least harm to the device.

The overclocking of the CPU with Antutu CPU Master Pro

Antutu CPU Master Pro

This program has a free version, which distinguishes it from the paid SetCPU. The program's interface is almost similar to SetCPU. When it starts the screen shows the program window indicating the maximum and minimum CPU frequencies. Below shows the scale with a slider to adjust these frequencies.

In order for the smartphone was good at 3D games with high quality graphics and fast gameplay, you need to increase the maximum CPU frequency. To increase the speed of the interface and applications need to increase the minimum CPU frequency.

Overclocking on Android is quite dangerous. Most secure smartphone is to increase the frequency up to 30-40% as it does not greatly increases the CPU voltage. In any case, if you increase the CPU frequency the smartphone will be faster to preserve battery life.