Cause of miscarriage may be inadequate attachment of the ovum to the uterine cavity. Then there is his detachment and interruption of the pregnancy. The gynecologist can detect the expectant mother with an inadequate amount of progesterone (the hormone responsible for the development of pregnancy), the fetus dies in the first week. To avoid abortion is assigned to a special drug with artificial support hormone. After 16 weeks of pregnancy, the need for acceptance disappears.The cause of miscarriage can be pathology in the uterine cavity, for example, a tumor or polyps, which grow leaves no room for the fetus, or infection, included in the uterus or the children's place.Ectopic pregnancy (when the fertilized egg fixed not in the uterus) becomes the cause of a miscarriage is almost always because the fetus is going to die in the first three months of his life due to lack of space. To avoid tubal rupture, it is necessary as early as possible to diagnose tubal pregnancy and emergency surgery.Miscarriages in women older than 35 years are due to disorders in the ovulation process, which is age-related pathology. It is important not to despair and to try again.If the pregnancy occurred in women with the Navy, and the spiral was inside the uterus, a miscarriage can be on any term, as foreign body can easily damage an amniotic bubble. You should study the hormonal background of the parents, termination of pregnancy is often based on the wrong set of chromosomes or the presence of genetic diseases in the unborn baby.Cause of miscarriage can be anomalies in the structure of the uterus, various scars, septa, scars, etc. the Reason for interruption of pregnancy at any time can be infections, sexually transmitted infections, and certain immune disorders, such as anticardiolipin antiphospholipid syndrome or factor. To identify these deviations, we need special tests. Detailed coagulation, for example, giving information, in particular, the presence of the syndrome lupus. Especially dangerous chronic infection.Sometimes the cause becomes the environment, it is believed that miscarriage is the response of the female body to the problems of ecology. To provoke a pregnancy may maternal Smoking, poor diet, lack of sleep, stress and other factors.In the first two trimesters of pregnancy the cause of a miscarriage can be a malformation of the uterus, ICN (isthmic-cervical insufficiency). At any time may occur placental abruption.Cause miscarriage can weight lifting slightly drop, leading to bad consequences is rare. Usually, if the mother is healthy and the fruit develops without abnormalities, a miscarriage occurs. But with the threat of interruption or health problems the pregnant woman may happen spontaneous abortion or premature labor occur.Diagnosis of habitual miscarriage is if a woman has had 3 miscarriages in a row without a normal pregnancy. In this case, the chance to bear children is reduced, but it is still there. It is therefore necessary to eliminate all infection, to pass a comprehensive examination and again to try to conceive.