Let's start with the clothes. Baby will need shoes, socks, t-shirts, shorts, caps and beanie, bib and Romper! Viberate to your taste, but do not forget about that underwear needs to be of 2 types - warm and light. Be sure to buy children's bedding, lots of diapers, baby soft, blanket.

For mandatory water treatment the baby needs a bath. Pay attention to the following things: the bath shall be made of hypoallergenic material, suitable height, with comfortable edges. And the bath will have to buy a lot of things: a thermometer, desks soap and shampoo, cream and of course soft towel. You need a chair to help you sit beside the tub while bathing. Do not be redundant and wet wipes - they come in handy during the day and replace conventional towel.

Now take the hand of the husband and lead him into the store - let them participate in choosing the baby stroller, and playpen. Just a few of the recommendations.

Stroller: should be easy and convenient, have a sun shade and umbrella from the rain and snow, must be with handles (rear and sides), with removable seat. For small trips, for example to the clinic, suitable for special backpack, which is very convenient to carry the baby. For the machine be sure to purchase a child seat.

This, of course, a small list of what you will need in the baby in the first weeks and months. But the main thing - to start!