Speech understanding develops only up to 1.5 years, followed by a completion of a personal vocabulary. Sometimes even one syllable can mean a whole phrase, so in each case should take into account the individuality of baby. Once he reaches the age of 1.6 years, a child's understanding of poluvagona can be a serious obstacle to development. So you should not fulfill his requests on demand, but to wait until he starts to voice them.

A few simple tips on language development

Before teaching the child to read, to help him start talking. You first need to stimulate the baby to full pronunciation of a word often to ask what the name of a particular item. To two years of life the child's vocabulary needs to grow to 250 words, although this figure is still very individual, and if the baby will speak less, do not get upset. Girls are beginning to communicate much faster than boys, this factor should also be taken into account. The following points need to taken into account in the development of speech of the kid.

  • It is important to talk with him since the first day of birth, one should describe all the actions of their parents. You can name items when dinner cooked, child, whither goest parents what he can see. Every time, you should fix the result and to repeat constantly seen, to name the objects several times.
  • To acquaint your baby with the sounds also should be the first days as machine sounds as the wind howls like a singing bird, like galloping horses, etc. If the baby begins to repeat, you must support him, often praise.
  • Fine motor skills associated with speech, it was not just proven by scientists, so do not forbid to play the baby with peas, buttons, beans, coins. Of course, only in the presence of adults. The child will be happy to transfer small objects from one jar to another.

To help your child with development of speech is very important, but is it right to always feel comfortable. The result will not keep itself waiting.