The best time for photographing outdoors is the sunrise and sunset. It was at this time most lighting soft and natural, making pictures three-dimensional and alive. In addition, the low rays of the sun allow you to "play" with shadows to create interesting and unusual figure. In "gold watch" best portrait photography. Sunrise will be more clearly delineated shadows, the sunset will give the staff a Golden glow. At this time you can shoot without a flash and accessories.

Despite the fact that the time from noon to 16 PM it is not good for photography due to the hard light, at this time, be interesting photos "against the light", the silhouette of the photo shoot and shots of nature or the urban landscape. But this time, requires a lot of attention and professionalism from the photographer, so experiment with bright and hard light is caution.

Good time for shooting are considered to be 30-40 minutes before dawn when the sky is already bright, and the sun had not yet appeared. Taken at this time, the images are soft pink and the bluish glow and freshness. In addition, in this hour there are no people and you can freely experiment with subjects.

Cloudy weather during the day, despite popular perceptions to the contrary well suited for photography, because the clouds soften the sun light and make the shadows more solid, and the colors in the photo close to reality.