Laminate it is possible to lay on hardwood floors, this option is widely used. Not all houses have the ability to remove hardwood floors and lay laminate flooring on a concrete base, in many cases it is more convenient not to touch the existing floors and lay laminate on top of them. But very important is the durability of flooring, this depends on the service life of the laminate.

Strengthen the wooden floor and elimination of the defects

For durable connection of the sheets of laminate are provided with a special lock. If the floor under the laminate is breathable, load locks increases dramatically, the appearance of cracks and chips. That's why the basis under the laminate must be absolutely still.

Before laying the laminate should carefully evaluate the condition of the wooden floor. Using a level, checks its horizontality, shows the presence of "breathing" of the floorboards. To dismantle gender for the removal of these defects is not usually required, in most cases it is sufficient to fasten the boards to the joists with screws. Disassembly of the floor need only be the case if the joists are rotten and need replacement.

Ready for laying laminate floors should not creak and SAG, it should be a smooth surface without hillocks. If there are hillocks and protruding bitches they should shave.

Alignment and strengthening the floor with plywood, laying substrate

To completely eliminate the possibility of breakage of the laminate, wooden floors additionally laid plywood with a minimum thickness of a centimeter or chipboard. If necessary, sheets of plywood are aligned by putting them under the rails. It is very important to create a horizontal flat base, on this depends the beauty and durability of the coating from the laminate.

On top of the plywood is laid a layer of waterproofing, it is quite suitable conventional plastic film. But that's not all – the film is laid special substrate under the laminate, you can buy in specialized stores. The tasks included the substrate compensation of small irregularities, as well as insulation and soundproofing.

Remember that one of the substrate and over the wooden floor, not enough to compensate for irregularities, depressions, etc. do Not use a layer of plywood can be used only if the boards are on joists, and laid on top of them rough field, providing additional strength. It is also possible to laminate laying new solid hardwood floors, not in time to unravel. In all other cases, installation of plywood or particle Board is required.

Laying laminate flooring

The most important point when laying laminate on a wooden floor is that it is laid across the floorboards. Between the walls and laminate be sure to leave a distance of 1 cm, for this invested the pieces of slats of the desired thickness.

When laying laminate provide the offset joints at one-third or half its length. This will ensure that the coating is not only more beautiful appearance, but also additional strength. The laminate is placed directly on the substrate and nothing is glued and not screwed. The solidity of the whole structure is ensured by the strength of the locks. After installation the laminate will just have to mount the plinth.