You will need
  • - passport or passport.
For Russian citizens entry to Belarus visa-free. If the border control is performed, it is sufficient only to show the civil passport of the Russian Federation or passport. Usually the most that make the guards that check whether the passport belongs to you.
Belarus is visa free for all countries of the CIS. The citizens of these countries do not stamp in the passport. She is also visa-free for a number of other countries, but their representatives will need to fill in a migration card upon entry.
Spot checks are usually carried out only at road border crossings. The trains usually no checks at all. The border the train runs as if it isn't there, never stopping.
If you travel to Belarus by car, you should have at itself documents on the car. Despite the fact that they usually do not check the lack of the right papers might entail serious consequences. You need to take a driver's license, proof of vehicle registration, automobile insurance green Card.
Children under 14 years can enter the country with birth certificate, and those who are older than 14, must take care to have a passport. According to Russian law, if the child travels accompanied by third persons for crossing the state border he needs to have authorization from the parents. On the Belarusian border, this fact does not check, but to take care of the power of attorney is necessary in order not to violate the law of Russia.
There are customs regulations concerning your Luggage. It is usually not inspected, but if you have valuable items, it is best to declare it. Duty-free import is possible for one person: 2 litres of spirits, 200 cigarettes, one wrist watch, 5 jewelry, not more than 50 kg of personal items whose total value does not exceed 1.5 thousand euros, not more than three items of clothing from leather or fur. If you bring something above the norm, will have to pay a fee in the amount of 60% of the cost of things, but no more than 4 Euro per 1 kg.
In Belarus it is prohibited to import the following things: explosive money, the drugs, information on various media that threatens the security of the state medicinal plants.