All breeds of quail can be divided into two main categories: meat and egg in meat. So choose the birds should be depending on your goals. If you prefer egg direction, it makes sense to pay attention to Japanese quail. The level of egg production they surpass many other lines of these birds.
Japanese quail as an independent line were bred by the breeders from the same country. Pen color of these birds varies depending on sex. In males, the breast is brown, the females light grey. The sex of the chick can be distinguished in 3 weeks age. Egg production is 250-300 (or more) eggs a year. The weight of each of which is 9-11 g. Japanese quail – unprofitable when grown on meat: the average carcass weight is 80 g.
If the birds are attracted not only by egg production but also decorative quality, is to breed or tuxedo, Manchurian Golden. The first one is especially beautiful: dark back and light breast. Egg production of these birds is also quite high – up to 280 per year. As perfectly cope with this task the representatives of the Estonian breed: 275-285 eggs per year. But these quail are particularly voracity, so the consumption of feed when the content is a bit higher than representatives of other breeds.
To egg type includes marble rock. Its members are children of the line Japanese and represent some changed their shape. These birds have gray plumage and look much more attractive than other quail breeds. For egg production, they almost match the Japanese. The weight of the carcass at the marble equally small and rarely exceed 80 g.
If the priority direction of the meat – best of breed, than the Pharaoh. It is the largest poultry: weight of adult males varies in the range of 165-265 g, and the females – 180-310 g. K 5-week age, they are already gaining substantial weight: 140-150 g. the Pharaoh is in all respects the best breed, as the eggs they give too much: up to 220 units per year. Despite their smaller number, than in birds aicinosa species, the pharaohs they are much bigger, weighing 12-18 g.
The nature and behavior of these quail are moodiness and more whimsical to quality of food and conditions of detention. There is a line of these birds bred in the USA, as Pharaoh broiler. These quail are not much larger, but quickly gain weight. Appearance the bird is not too attractive because of the "wild" coloring of the plumage. In addition to the pharaohs, meat can be grown tuxedo quail. Members of this breed belong to the meat-egg.