What are the files

There are several dozen types of files, distinguished by their performance characteristics. The purpose of this tool is to remove a layer of material, which may be, for example, wood, metal or plastic. Each file consists of working part and handle. On the tool body to apply a special notch, which manages to remove layers of material from the surface of the product. Of a specific file and its name is determined by the size of the incision.

Files – General name for a whole range of tools, which includes including rasps, and needle files. Such a tool may have a different size and profile. Often masters have to work with a file with a flat or square section. Is tool, the working part which has a rounded, oval, diamond-shaped or triangular profile. Possessing an Arsenal of files of different types and cross-sections, locksmith can handle the details of a very complex configuration.

What rasp

A rasp called a rough file, with large notch. This tool is usually used for pre-treatment of parts made of soft metal, plastic, wood, rubber or leather. Traditional file will not help here, since its working surface very quickly becomes clogged with material (sawdust or shavings) and ceases to remove it from the surface of the product.

The most common rasp has a flat cross-section and blunt nose, although common tool with a sharp tip. Rarely have to use round and half-round rasps. This rough cut of a file has a large size and often provided with grooves, which are located in front of each tooth. After processing a rasp is usually followed by refinement of the products files with a smaller notch.

Needle file and its functions

Needle files have a very different purpose. It is used for accurate and fine processing of small parts. In the workplace and in everyday life very often there are situations when it is necessary to give a complete view of the metal product of complex shape, to carve or treat a tiny detail. Here again to the aid of a locksmith and get a needle file. This small file with a small notch is able to get to the most remote places.

Form the working body of the needle file may be quite different. Skilled craftsmen prefer to have in your household, a set of several such files, using them separately or sequentially, one after the other. Effectively handle details files helps double notch – major and minor. The number of notches is usually applied on the handle of the tool.