Who today ever in your life have not heard this proverb? Moreover, it is often used not in the sense that originally it was laid. Originally this saying was: "From oats horses don't roam — no good deed goes unpunished...". But the first component of this proverb completely disappeared from the pronunciation, leaving only the second part.

Another way to describe this proverb this way: if you evaluate something as good, it does not make sense to look for the best, as this best abstract you can not find, and that is already good for you, very easy to lose. That is, if you have taken from your life something that is good, and in this context, a good is expressed as good, then most likely is your ultimate goal on this issue. Not worth all the time to be dissatisfied with the results of their work and to demand from life more, because you can lose what already have.

What are the sayings in tune with the meaning

If you are not sure that your use of this saying in the right context, it may be easier to replace it with a similar meaning. Russian language is incredibly rich variety of speech patterns, expressions, sayings, idioms and Proverbs. New sayings appear all the time, but most often it is just the old phraseology, corrected in accordance with the ever-changing, dynamic realities of today.

Of the most similar in the meaning to this proverb are the following: from love love not looking. If you think about it, the older generation (grandparents) can easily lead 7-10 are similar in meaning sayings, most of which will be young perfect strangers.

Went from such a pattern in the sayings?

Russian people always differed in openness of soul, a desire to help others and not caught in a difficult situation man. But very often it happens that, in helping and showing generosity, thus you put yourself in a difficult moral position. Very often people who unselfishly is so necessary in this moment of life assistance, then you can't forgive what you witness their weaknesses, and try to show that this was not particularly necessary. This happens very often now and have met before. Precisely because of such ugly and unpleasant for many situations and have formed such sayings.