What is tencel fabric

Tencel is a material of the latest generation, produced with nanotechnology fibers from wood pulp. Especially good as the main raw material-proven eucalyptus.

After the initial processing of trees to get wood pulp, which later is ground in water. Thereafter, the resulting raw materials are forced through the die under tension to form long fibers. They are dried in the sun and that of them produce tencel.

Fibre produced in the course of such treatment, call Liocell. They were patented in 1988, the year in the US. The material itself tencel nearly 30 years, but special popularity he gained in the 90 years and since then constantly improved.

Tencel texture very similar to silk, strength is not inferior to viscose and it is soft as cotton.

Properties of tencel fabric

Due to the fact that this fabric is produced exclusively from natural materials, it is completely biodegradable, that shows care manufacturer about the environment.

However, considering its benefits solely from the point of view of the consumer, it should be mentioned that it is because of the natural material, it allows the skin to breathe. The person wearing the clothes from this fabric for a long time, feeling the coolness and freshness. In addition, because of its ability to "breathe" tencel not only absorbs moisture, but it evaporates, which prevents the creation of a favorable environment for bacteria.

If, however, the manufacture of clothing or linen from a fabric of tencel has been used eucalyptus, this fabric will have more healing properties, contributing to a speedy recovery or to maintain immunity at a high level.

To care for, tencel is also very simple – it just wash in the washing machine at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees using detergent for colored clothes, dries quickly and hardly wrinkled. In addition, he is very loved by the designers, as it is well draped soft folds, and not "fray" when raskryvanie.

Things made of this material are distinguished by high durability – they do not lose appearance. Well, if they repaint, they accept paint well and are very long it is kept.

Overall, among the major and the most appreciated consumer properties of the fabric tencel is possible to enumerate a long-lasting, softness, durability, ease of maintenance, environmental cleanliness, antibacterial properties, ability to breathe, high water absorption and no static electricity.