Is it possible to do inhalation during pregnancy?

This treatment effect is not locally too, and local. No matter what pregnancy was not a young mom, this kind of treatments will not harm the baby. In addition, the inhalation with natural solution is a globally recognized method of treatment of cough in pregnant women.

But the exception falls under the inhalation of essential oils, because in the period of gestation they may have a detrimental affect both the mother and the child's condition.

If a woman still has a cold, it is necessary to adopt measures for its speedy recovery, otherwise you have to resort to antibiotics.

Types of inhalation

Advice from a health worker: If the woman is in "interesting position", apart from the usual runny nose and cough is suffering from a constantly elevated temperature, you should not apply any heating procedures. In this case, you can ingalirovti only certain types of essential oils (lavender, eucalyptus and chamomile oil can be used as one component) and garlic inhalation.

If the young mother does not suffer from increase of temperature, it is possible to use other methods of inhalation. Can be used as the purchase inhalers, and conventional pot with water. And use the substances of the spray character called "nebulizers".

One of the traditional types of inhalation include inhaling from the physical solution.

This is due to the fact that saline does not result in allergic reactions. Inhalation of herbs and essential oils can not only lead to the emergence of allergies, but also to the complication of the whole process of carrying a child.
Inhalation with natural solution is completely harmless for the mother and the baby, it will help to cope not only with the advent of wet cough, but also with a stuffy nose.

But to be treated by the inhalation of this kind with the appearance of dry cough not, it will not be able to cure this symptom. In addition, ingalirovnie potatoes in this case it will be more efficient, because this kind of inhalation contributes not only to the discharge of the accumulated mucus in the lungs of a pregnant woman, but also softens the cough. Also the risk of allergic reactions is equal to zero.

A pregnant woman definitely should pay attention to any changes in her health, but the young mother should understand that, when not treated it can cause serious damage to the fetus.